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Where Elegance Meets Time

Gibaali Revolve

Timeless Sophisticated Precision

Gibaali Revolve is an up-and-coming, mid-luxury brand that designs and delivers premium build automatic watches direct-to-consumer. Today, Gibaali Revolve is sold nation wide in the United States, as well as large cities all across Canada.


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Gibaali Revolve


2021 - Present

As agency of record, we worked with the Gibaali Revolve team to completely rebuild their come-to-market execution. Combining captivating product & lifestyle creatives, a stunning e-commerce website, powerful targeted ads, and influencer collaborations, we helped Gibaali Revolve completely scale-up and dominate their 'Revive Launch' in December 2021. This was their great comeback launch kicking off an incredible success for 2022! However, we've only reset the bar, and there is much more to come. Today, Gibaali Revolve is sold nation wide in the United States, as well as large cities all across Canada. 

In 2012 the Founder of Gibaali Revolve, Brandyn Gibson, was introduced to the captivating look & feel of a vintage timepiece gifted to him by his father. This sparked the beginning of a lifelong appreciation for craftsmanship and the wonderful world of watches. But after years of diving into the world of watchmaking, collecting, & researching some of the greats in this space, he found one issue that just didn't sit right with him. Coming from a middle class family of four in America, there was a barrier of entry so high, simply too high for most people to afford. Thus Gibaali Revolve was born.

Gibaali Revolve had their soft launch in early 2018. It wasn't the greatest success, however, their initial marketing efforts provided valuable feedback to the business, allowing the team to take a step back and build a stronger foundation, and bring better products to the market in December 2021.


A Gibaali Company

Gibaali is a melting pot of creativity and true business practicioners. We embody a true entrepreneurial spirit, showcasing our vision through our many products and services. We are dedicated to giving our customers exactly what they need. At the end of the day, we are:

A Company, A Family, A Legacy.


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