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Meet Charlotte's Best Burger

Blacow Burger Sushi & Bar 

Voted best burger in Charlotte, NC 3 times! And sushi flown in from Japan? Let's dive in...


Media Production,

Brand Strategy,

Influencer Marketing,

Social Media,

Paid Advertising,

Google Search,

OOH & Billboard





Blacow launched 2 locations, separately in Charlotte, NC late 2020 during the chaos of the pandemic. After months of limited opportunities to interact with the outside world, the city of Charlotte craved something new. In what was already an uphill battle, this Japanese Fusion restaurant really needed to make some noise!

The original Blacow first opened in Fort Mill, SC four years prior. As mentioned in an Axios Charlotte article, owner Calvin Ma said "Charlotte felt like the natural expansion destination." Now fast forward to locations 2 and 3, bringing a unique fusion of burgers & sushi, and throw a craft-cocktail bar in the mix - it was truly exciting to play a part in developing the brand.

Of course the pandemic took the world by storm and nobody thought they'd be fighting against that! We were ready for the challenge. Blacow Burger had their first win by vote, best burger in Charlotte at an annual festival that takes place every year in the city. Our team at Gibaali wanted to quickly get in front of this narrative and communicate their well earned bragging rights.

We got to work, presenting the opening announcement to the big city relying heavily on a visually captivating, digitally led, campaign. Communication channels included online video, digital display, social, and print. GMX was also responsible for influencer collaborations and branding.

We focus on people and believe that brands today can't rely on a single generic message served to a mass audience. The most effective way to drive relevance and growth is by speaking specifically and differently to people based on who they are and by listening and understanding.

​We took the city by storm with influencers, dynamic creatives, communicating directly to the burger folks, sushi lovers, families looking for a new experience, girls looking for a night out with friends, couples, you name it!​

We make creatives that people enjoy to watch. Creatives that people enjoy when scrolling down their feeds. Creatives that ultimately drive results.


Interactions through digital creatives and paid media spend.


Views generated across 3 platforms.


People reached through commercial media & paid advertising.


Clicks from local customers to landing pages, get directions on Google Maps, & 3rd Party Online Ordering

"When the locals start to comment on your ads saying things like 'wow this really got my attention, I can't wait to try this place!' You know something is working."

 - Chief Marketing Officer, Gibaali Media X

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