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Providing Personalized Quality Care

Central Carolina Obstetrics and Gynecology

Central Carolina OB-GYN is a private practice offering “Personalized Quality Care” to women. It was founded in 1988 by Dr. Arthur Vernon Stringer and Dr. Vanessa Haygood in Greensboro, NC. The organizational status of CCOB underwent a transition in January 2003 when it became a division of a larger corporation, Piedmont Healthcare for Women. This allowed CCOB to take advantage of the camaraderie of 20 other OB-GYN physicians as well as some of the economies of scale afforded to larger practices. These features all make today’s CCOB well positioned to continue offering the “Personalized Quality Care” that has been their hallmark for the last 22 years.


Media Production,

Web Design,

Brand Strategy,

Targeted Advertising,

Social Media,

Google Search


Central Carolina OBGYN



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Central Carolina approached us in late 2019, having no previous marketing output within the company, and an outdated website that needed a bit more than a facelift. We were working from the ground up - and that excites us! Our web-design team developed a stunning, modern, user-friendly, mobile optimized website to get things going! While things were getting in motion, we developed a personalized distribution model for CCOB to cover all of it's many facets in delivering healthcare to patients.

We analyzed everything from their demographics, local positioning, healthcare services, consumer needs, in-office media, and much more. Healthcare is personal, and something that we're all passionate about in one way or another. The creatives had to be thought-provoking, insightful, fun, and intriguing. Our media team developed thousands of consumer-centric creatives to attack paid ads, organic social media, call-to-actions and OOH displays. Take a look around to see some of these creatives.

OB or GYN?

We took into account the differences in care for patients with gynecological vs obstetrical needs. This indeed was a new field for us. As the agency of record, we believe in representing our clients in the absolute best way possible. We make it our mission to leave no stone left unturned in order to produce the best business outcomes for our clients. Our team underwent hundreds of hours of research, and close cross-verification with CCOB physicians. In the long-run, this enabled us to create accurate content approved by medical professionals to fuel the marketing machine built for Central Carolina OB-GYN.


Website Design

Our web-design team developed a stunning, modern, user-friendly, mobile optimized website for CCOBGYN. From SEO to UI/UX, no stone was left unturned.

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Interactions through digital creatives and paid media spend.


Views generated across 3 platforms.


People reached through commercial media & paid advertising.


Clicks from local patients to landing pages, get directions on Google Maps, & Website

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